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The Team operating the Central Europe Hub in 2020

Hub Chair

Dr. Melinda Dósa

Space physicist

Postdoc at Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary.

Expertise: solar wind propagation, modelling, Mercury exosphere and its interaction with the solar wind, inner heliospheric space weather. Co-I of SERENA/PICAM instrument on BepiColombo

Vice Chairs

Dr. Zuzana Kanuchova


Vice-head of Department of Interplanetary matter, Astronomical Institute of SAS, Slovakia

Expertise: space weathering, astrochemistry

Dr. Petr Broz

Planetary geologist, volcanologist

Research fellow at the Institute of Geophysics of the Czech Academy of Science

Expertise: Planetary geology, volcanism, sedimentary volcanism and cryovolcanism, environmetal effects on geological processes

Dr. Ewa Szuszkiewicz


Head of the Astronomy and Astropysics Group at the University of Szczecin, Poland

Expertise: origin and evolution of planetary systems, planet formation, dynamics of disks and planets, extrasolar planets, planetary habitability

Manuel Scherf

PhD student

Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Planetary Atmospheres Research Group

Industry Officers

Dr. Anna Szkulmowska


CEO in AM2M R&D company, Broker of Innovation, Institute of Physics, NCU, Chair of the NSS Photonics (Ministry of Entrentrepreneurship and Technology)

Pál Gábor Vizi

Electrical engineer

Development engineer at the Department of Space Technology, Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Expertise: Cassini, Rosetta and Juice missions as System Engineer

Policy Officers

Dr. Ákos Kereszturi

Research Cent. for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Jan Soucek

CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Prague, Czech Republic

Outreach Officers

MSc. Julie Nekola Nováková

Evolutionary biologist, outreach professional, writer

PhD candidate at the Faculty of Science, Charles University

Expertise: evolutionary biology and astrobiology, science outreach and education

Jan Lukačevič

PhD student

Charles University

Diversity Officers

Anna Losiak

University of Exeter

Early Career Officers

Volunteers are welcomed from each central hub country!